Who’s Who

Sara Mair Bellshaw


Sara Mair Bellshaw is the Senior Innovation Manager at the University of the Highlands and Islands’ Centre for Recreation and Tourism Research in Scotland and focuses mainly on applied practical research projects that involve tourism product development and tourism marketing. Sara coordinated Slow Adventure in Northern Territories (SAINT), a project co-financed by the Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme, which drew together a range of partners in Ireland, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Northern Ireland and Sweden.

Sara has focused on turning the slow adventure concept into a marketable product by working with businesses to cluster, collaborate, create and promote new Slow Adventure® experiences, and is working with the industry, including the European Travel Commission and their NTO members, to develop the movement further. Sara has a background in economic development, destination and tourism marketing, sustainable communities and project management, and continues to advocate for slow, strategic and responsible tourism throughout her work.