HTHIC2020 Themes & Topics

Living Heritage and
Sustainable Tourism

HTHIC2020 is the 4th edition of the Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality, International Conference and will take place 6-8 April 2020. The conference will evolve around ‘Living Heritage and Sustainable Tourism’ with Mendrisio, in the Italian speaking Canton Ticino, Switzerland, as a fascinating example of ‘living’ tangible and intangible heritage.

The Processioni della Settimana Santa di Mendrisi (the Processions of the Holy Week of Mendrisio) featuring the fascinating trasparenti (transparents) are currently under evaluation to be included in the UNESCO Lists of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Delegates are encouraged to experience the Holy Week in Mendrisio and see the processions that will take place on 9-10 April, immediately after the conference.

The organisation is the hands of the UNESCO Chair in ICT to develop and promote sustainable tourism in World Heritage Sites at USI-Università della Svizzera italiana (Lugano, Switzerland) and consultancy and co-founder Elgin & Co. (Netherlands).

The conference is endorsed by the UNESCO-UNITWIN Network “Culture, Tourism, and Development”. 

Themes and Topics

HTHIC2020 will evolve around the overall theme ‘Living Heritage and Sustainable Tourism’. The conference welcomes research papers and presentations that contribute to the understanding of:

• Heritage, tourism and destinations: identity, branding and marketing
• Heritage, hospitality and sustainable tourism development
• Preserving, (re)presenting and communicating heritage
• Governance, partnerships and communities of practice
• ICTs to preserve and promote living heritage.

HTHIC2020 will give special attention to papers and resentations on the following topics:
• Religious heritage
• Slow tourism
• Intentional destruction and looting of heritage.